The Evangelische Arbeitsgemeinschaft comprises a commission consisting of twelve regular and three members at large, who relate to contemporary church history due to their research work and professional employment, and further a Research Center for Contemporary Church History, located at the Faculty of Protestant Theology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich. The EvAKiZ is an institution of the Evangelical Church in Germany  (EKD) and is operating in scientific autonomy. Following the rules of the EvAKiZ of January 23, 2003, its commission is respectively summoned for six years by the Council of the EKD. The commission decides about research assignments and publications. The Research Center realizes these projects, takes on research assignments in the domain of contemporary church history as well as the management of the commission. It is composed of a director and several scientific associates.

Mitteilungen zur Kirchlichen Zeitgeschichte / Minutes on Contemporary Church History

Minutes on Contemporary Church History online

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