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The „Evangelische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte“ and the GHI London will hold a conference on the topic of „Deutsche evangelische Auslandsgemeinden im 20. Jahrhundert. Zwischen Nationalprotestantismus und Ökumene“ („German Protestant Expatriate Congregations in the 20th Century. Between National Protestantism and Ecumenism“) from 14–16 June 2018.

18 speakers will discuss the relations of German Protestant expatriate congregations with their host countries and Germany in the context of German migration history since the nineteenth century. The focus will be on discontinuities in their religious and cultural identities as a result of National Socialism and the Second World War, and the ways in which these congregations adapted.

The conference will take place at GHI London. The conference language is German. Conference registration is no longer possible.
Please download the program here.

Mitteilungen zur Kirchlichen Zeitgeschichte / Minutes on Contemporary Church History

Minutes on Contemporary Church History online

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